This Weekend in CLE- entertaining, yoga, and general relaxation!

This was actually a fairly low-key weekend as far as most of our weekends go...

Saturday, I visited the West Side Market for the first time in a very long while. That parking lot is a complete mess! Back in the day when I was a WSM regular, I used to go first thing in the morning. That was, however, before my days of Fresh Fork and Saturday morning workouts. Anyway, my noon trip this past weekend involved me circling the parking lot for 20 minutes trying to find a spot! Lesson to be learned here: go early!! The whole reason for the Market trip was that N and I hosted a cookout Saturday evening; the menu was a bunch of different kebabs + signature champagne and burbon cocktails.

I really like my signature cocktail, which was an adaptation of a recipe I saw on pinterest- half a quart of orange sherbet + 3 bottles of bubbles!

Jo, Charity, Carla, Danielle, Jess. The boys were inside watching the Browns kickoff. 

Sunday, Allison and I went to a 2 hour yoga workshop, where I almost got into a handstand, which was pretty much the extent of me leaving my house (don't worry, I did get outside and enjoy the weather, it just happened to be at home).

The puppies were super cute this weekend-- I posted this on Instagram over the weekend- they make me laugh so much. Clair is wearing my snood (scarf/hood) that I got at Made in the 216 last month, and Otto is falling asleep sitting up!  

Given that I spent most of the weekend in super casual shorts + blouse/ workout clothes, my style highlight was this outfit channeling Audrey Hepburn.  
Dress from Target, Ray Ban aviators, necklace from Banyan Tree

Well, I am off to Denver for the day, so hope you have a happy Monday!! 

An Awesome Cleveland Weekend (part 1)

This weekend was so incredible that its awesomeness cannot possibly be contained in a single post. So, for the first time ever, I'm going to leave you with a cliff-hanger...

This past Saturday, I did something I haven't done in years-- I did a race!! When I say "race" I use the term loosely--- there were no timing chips, and I didn't exactly run the whole way. And that was perfectly fine, because the actual "run" was not the point of the race!! What is this strange race, you might ask? Why, its the COLOR RUN!!

Billed as the Happiest 5k, the run raises funds for a local charity. There are multiple color stations, which you run, or walk through, while volunteers throw powdered color at you. At the end of the race, you're supposed to look like you ran through a rainbow!!

Zumba warm up

Allison wondering if she will get that call...

All colored up!! 

I have to say, the color run reminds me a lot of the Indian festival of Holi. Celebrated in February or March (governed by the Lunar calendar), Holi is the official welcome to Spring in India, and involves the throwing of colored powder and colored water. Water balloons are also frequently involved. Growing up, this was one of my absolute FAVORITE festivals--  I mean, look how fun this is!!! 

 Holi (photo credit)

Anyway, getting back to the Color Run, this Saturday's event was attended by over 8,000 people, and judging by the looks on everyone's faces, it WAS the happiest 5k! If you missed out on the fun, the Color Run is coming back in September; you can find more details here...

The rest of the day involved naps and relaxation....

... because Sunday, it was time for (to be continued...)

St. Paddy's Day Weekend

I had big plans for this weekend.

Saturday-- hot yoga, baby shower, Burning River Roller Girls, dinner, drinks.
Sunday-- Downtown at Allison's party, and then wandering out downtown and in Ohio City with N and loads of our friends....

NONE OF THESE THINGS HAPPENED!!!!!!!!! Why, you ask? BECAUSE I WAS STRUCK DOWN BY THIS GROSS VIRUS GOING AROUND CLEVELAND. I spent the weekend parked on my couch, watching endless episodes of Dance Academy, doing shots of cold meds, surrounded by Kleenex. I hold this ever changing weather 100% responsible.

Dance Academy. So addictive.

Is it Spring yet?

Muse and MIX

This past Thursday, N & I joined Allison and Nadine to see MUSE perform at the Q. It was my first time seeing MUSE live, and I have say WOW!! I was completely blown away!! I've watched MUSE perform on various awards shows, and they've always been great, but nothing compared to a full concert.

Awesome vocals, incredible visuals, and an truly awesome light show--- seriously, MUSE set the bar for 2013 concerts very, VERY high...

Friday, Sara, N and I headed out to The Cleveland Museum of Art to attend its MIX event. If you haven't been to MIX event, you really should check them out. Each event is very different, but they're ALL a lot of fun. This month's event focussed on the Pompeii exhibit, and included live interactive performance art, which included use of the escalators!

While the actors paraded around with foam swords, we somehow ended up in a riveting discussion on most underrated actors...

Ahmed, Sara and N 

CK, Alexa, Sean, and Matt

As you can see, it was a VERY animated discussion, and some of our nominees included Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Ed Norton... while we debated the merits of our respective choices and energetically argued against others, we suddenly realized that it was past 10 pm, the Pompeii exhibit was closed, and we were being ushered out of the museum.

And so the night ended in our kitchen, with wine and Doritos, and squeals of laughter over goats.

Seriously, if you have not watched this video, you are missing out!!

Saturday was pretty low key-- psycle, nap time, puppy walks, and a late dinner at Tremont Tap House with Wes and Danielle.

Sunday was another low key day- brunch, laundry, more puppy walks and play time, and snuggles on the couch while we watched Argo (seriously, I was stressed out the ENTIRE time!! I can't imagine that the whole hostage crisis actually happened, and more so that it STILL happens across the world!!! SO CRAZY AND SCARY!!!)

And now its Monday... here we go again : )

Happening THIS Weekend (I'm VERY excited)

Its FINALLY here!!! After what seems like an eternity of waiting, Jump Back Ball is FINALLY happening this Saturday!! I have my outfit planned-- the only other thing I have to do is decide which pair of shoes I'm going with (I have two equally comfortable pairs) and how much arm candy I'm going to wear (restraint is overrated).

That said, if you missed out on tickets to Jump Back Ball (or if its just not your thing), there's another awesome event happening this weekend-- Ripple Fest. Hosted by the Foundation for Community Betterment at the 78th St. Studios, the night features some of the City's most beloved and talented comedians (Factory of Sadness? Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video?) and musicians. The fun begins at 6:00 pm on Saturday, and presale tickets, available until 6 pm tonight are ONLY $18!!!! Tickets and more info available HERE!!!

And last, but certainly NOT least, this Sunday is THE OSCARS, and at 7pm, for the first time ever (I'm so excited!!!) I will be joining NewsChannel5 anchor Chris Flanagan and Q102 host Jen Toohey to live chat OSCAR FASHIONS!!!!!!!!!!! As you might have noticed from my all Red Carpet tweets this Awards Season, I absolutely ADORE the Red Carpet, and never shy away from sharing my opinion, so I hope that you will join in the fun (but lets keep it classy)!!