Making the most of the Fall

I’ve made a seasonal checklist for each new season this year, and the Fall is no exception. I like these lists because they help my plan fun things to look forward to all fall. I hope you’re inspired to create your own list this season, or feel free to follow along with mine by using #BombayTaxiFallList on Instagram, and I’ll feature you in my feed or my stories, and who knows, maybe even right here on my blog!

Apple Picking: I’ve been apple picking once in my life, and I had so much fun that I’m surprised that I’ve never been again. This year, I’m putting apple picking on my fall list so I actually do it. Happily there is no shortage of orchards around Northeast Ohio that let you pick your apples. Check out Edible Cleveland’s list, and keep an eye out for the dates of your favorite apple varietals.


Baking: I have a long-standing narrative that I’m a good cook, but I can’t bake. This fall, I want to change this narrative and start baking. I’ve already started with a loaf of bread that I baked a few weeks ago, but it took two tries to get it right. This year, I would like to bake an apple pie from scratch - with my lack of patience and lack of desire to follow precise instructions I expect this will be a challenge, but I want to do this. And, it would be a great way to use some of these aforementioned picked apples!

Clam Bakes: I absolutely LOVE Clam Bakes and we make it a point to attend at least one each year, but I only recently learned that these aren’t a national thing! You guys outside of Northeast Ohio are really missing out!!! Nick and I once hosted a clam bake at our home, but they are a LOT of work, so it’s honestly easier to go to one hosted at a restaurant. Some of my favorite clam bakes in the past were at Tremont Taphouse, and this year, we’re probably also going to try one at JukeBox.


Canopy Walk: This is another one of those things that I’ve talked about FOR YEARS, and haven’t done yet, but this is THE year!! The Holden Arboretum (about 30 minutes outside of downtown Cleveland) is home to the Murch Canopy Walk - a suspended walkway 65’ above ground. It’s pretty year round, but especially beautiful when the leaves change in the fall. How do I know? Because of all the people posting beautiful pictures in my Instagram feed, and this year, I will be one of those people posting pictures from the canopy walk!

Discovering the best Tacos in Northeast Ohio: I love tacos, and I think the best tacos in Cleveland are at La Plaza Supermarket in Lakewood (they are on UberEats and other delivery services if you want to eat them at home. You may also hire their food truck to cater your next event). However, I’ve heard from other people that the best tacos are in Painesville, Ohio (about 20-25 minutes from Downtown Cleveland) at La Casita so I’m making it my mission to try their tacos this year. Rumor has it that La Mexicana/El Señor (no website) also has excellent tacos, so I may just have to stuff myself and try both. Since this taco tasting is somewhat close to the canopy walk, I will probably do both in the same day!

Revive my tennis game: Little known fact about me: I’m surprising athletic, particularly when it comes to tennis. I started playing when I was 7 or 8, and turns out, tennis was my sport! I quickly started playing in tournaments, and even though I never won one (I wasn’t competitive enough then) at one point I was ranked #3 for my age group in Mumbai, India. SHOCKING, I know! Anyway, at about 15 I had to make a choice: either really commit to tennis or quit to focus on school. I picked school. Since then I’ve only periodically played tennis - I usually pick it up for a couple of weeks when I’m in India and that’s really been about it. In fact, it’s been well over 10 years since I picked up a tennis racquet! That is, until this past Monday. I finally signed up for a tennis class and attended my first session this week, and much to my surprise, after the first 15 minutes, my muscle memory took over and it all came flooding back! I’m definitely out of practice and super error-prone, but I’m signed up for another 8 weeks, and I’m so looking forward to getting back into it. Best of all, my friend Anna is doing it with me, and we’re already planning our non-class tennis outings!!

So there you have it - I have a great fall planned! I hope you’re inspired by this list to create your own, and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram with #BombayTaxiFallList and I’ll feature you in my feed or my stories, and who knows, maybe even right here on my blog!

PS: If you have recommendations on other must-eat Taco spots around Northeast Ohio, leave them in the comments!