Twirl in Tulle

I run the risk of sounding very Sarah Jessica Parker circa mid-00s Sex and the City, but hear my out here: a tulle skirt is a wardrobe necessity.

Before you roll your eyes, allow me to make my case. Like you, I too was skeptical. But then I found an incredible deal on one, and bought it on a whim. I stuck it in the back of my closet and forgot all about it until an hour before a huge party, and guess what? As it turns out, it is one of the most versatile pieces I own!!

how to wear a tulle skirt

Pictured above:

Tulle skirt, sold out but similar available at asos

Top (it is actually a dress!!!) similar available at H&M

Bag: Opelle pochette 

Jewelry: Bombay Taxi Boutique

The beauty of a tulle skirt is that it naturally has some whimsy, so you don't have to do a whole lot to dress it up and down, however, the only caveat is that you do need to pair it with something fitted on top to get the proportions right. And if you're wondering about its versatility, here are some ideas:

Backyard BBQ (or similar casual party): pair it with a tee

Date night or Sunday brunch: pair it with a chambray shirt

Cocktail party or other fancy soiree: pair it with a sequin or lace body suit

Top it off with a leather jacket and you have a little pop princess turned rock vibe.

Really, the possibilities are endless! 

Photo credit:  Pink Wish

Photo credit: Pink Wish

Photo credit:  Lace and Locks

Photo credit: Lace and Locks

Versatile, whimsical, usually under $100 - what more could one ask for?