Unsolicited Advice: Episode Two

I am super into the holidays this year - I think it’s my coping mechanism for the fucking dumpster fire that is America in 2018.

Seriously this has been the longest damn year ever and I have used every self care trick I’ve ever learned to get to this stage with my sanity intact and my blood pressure normal. And yes, I am incredibly grateful for, and completely recognize my privilege at being able to invest time and real $ behind my self care.

Things I’ve done this year to cope:

The Calm App. The best. Fucking. App. Ever. If you’re not listening to sleepy stories for adults you’re not even living.

Read so many books, mostly for fun escapism.

Monthly chiropractic appointments (thank you health insurance and HSAs).


Wine. Cocktails. Anything with alcohol in it.

Spending time outside and connecting with nature.

Creating and checking off wishlists for each season.

So. Many. Sephora makeovers.

Sushi dinners.

Ramen dinners.

Planning vacations.

Baking bread.

Limiting my politics news consumption to one publication once a day.

Reconnecting with my childhood by picking up a tennis racket and playing again after over 10 years.

And even after all of this, I’m just exhausted and saddened by everything that has happened this year. Why are you like this America?! And where do we go from here?

So the lesson for today is this:
If someone is listening to Christmas music or watching holiday movies or generally going overboard on the holidays way too early this year, let them. They’ve earned it. 

No one likes a party pooper.