Kiara Earrings - Moonstone

Kiara Earrings - Moonstone


The Kiara earring in moonstone feature a diamond shaped rainbow moonstone piece on the top with a moonstone drop at the bottom. Both stones are bezel set in gold plated sterling silver.  

These earrings are the perfect sparkly addition for a cocktail party or at a wedding as a guest, bridesmaid or bride. They are medium-weight earrings, and can be worn for 8 hours with minimal discomfort. 

Brides, if you would like to order these as a bridesmaids gift or for a bridesmaid proposal, please email me at for a custom order. Weddings are expensive, and if you plan to order more than 5 pieces, lets talk about a bridal discount!

Material: Gold plated sterling silver, rainbow moonstone. Please note that these are natural stone and may vary slightly.

Size: 1.75 inches long x 0.75 inches wide

Handmade in India

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