What I Learned About Color Psychology

This past weekend, I had an opportunity to listen to Luvvie Ajayi talk about branding at Alt Summit. The premise of her talk was that if you have a blog or business, then you have a brand. And if you have a brand, then you should BE the brand, and wearing your brand colors is a good way to do this. She then dove a little deeper into color psychology, explaining that different colors evoke different feelings. For example,

Red: Energy, passion, strength

Blue: Calm, logic, intelligence

Green: Harmony, balance, peace

Yellow: Optimism, confidence, friendliness

Now, when I picked pink, orange and gold as the colors of Bombay Taxi, color psychology was the last thing on my mind. I picked them because I happen to love these colors, and they remind me most of Bombay! Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised, and very pleased when I researched the color psychology behind them!

I mean, if this doesn't define my vision for Bombay Taxi, then I don't know what does!!! 

So, in a effort to follow Luvvie's advice, and BE my brand, I'm going to be incorporating a lot more of these colors into my look. The gold is easy: jewelry will take care of it. I'm also experimenting with different bright pink lipsticks; I can totally see this becoming part of a signature look. Orange is easier in the winter since I have a few orange scarves, but I will have to put some thought into how I incorporate this into my summer wardrobe: perhaps orange shoes? I will keep you posted. 

Anyone else using color psychology to define their look?