Bombay Taxi is a Best of CLE

When I started Bombay Taxi less than a year ago, I dreamed that *some day* it would be a winner of a Cleveland Magazine's Best of Cleveland award. Little did I know that dream would come true quite so soon! I am so proud to announce that Bombay Taxi is an Editor's Pick for the 2016 Best of Cleveland for Best Online Jewelry! Cue me squealing!!!

Bombay Taxi Best of CLE

When Cleveland Magazine told me I had been selected, I was expecting a small write-up with a little picture, but when the issue was released, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it was almost a complete page!! In fact, I was so surprised that I almost missed it completely!


Bombay Taxi Best of Cleveland photo shoot

Best of all, Cleveland Magazine invited me to host a booth at the Best Of... Party, and you know what that means?! POP UP TIME!!! So, this Saturday, October 15th, I will be popping up at the Best of Party with a stocked booth. I'm doing something very fun and creative with my space, so I hope you will come check it out! 

Here's a little sneak peek at my booth styling and some of our brand new merchandise

Earring and Bracelet flatly

You can still buy tickets to the Best of Party here, details on the event are below!

Best of Cleveland Party details

I seriously cannot underscore how much this honor means to me! I'm so thankful for my amazing clients, the editors of Cleveland Magazine, incredible lady bosses like Charity Crawford, Suzanne Price, Kamron Khan, Rebecca and Karin for hosting my very first pop up, Stephanie Sheldon for stepping in when our second pop up was held hostage to the weather, and so many other incredible women who have offered support and advice! And last, but certainly not least, my darling husband Nick, who has been my rock throughout this process, and my mom, who will run off to markets in Mumbai when I need her to ship me supplies in an emergency!

Its been an incredible few weeks, and I can't wait to see what comes next! 


An Evening with Diane

First off, I'd like to the announce the winner for the Bridal Bazaar event, taking place at the 78th Street Studios this weekend. *drumroll, please* As chosen by, the winner is comment #5, Crystal from Eat Drink Cleveland. Crystal, please email me at so I may send you instructions on receiving your ticket!! 

This past Thursday, I had the privilege of attending a talk at the Cleveland Clinic, featuring the one and only, the legendary Diane Von Furstenberg. Most famous for the iconic wrap dress, DVF has been designing women's clothing since 1970.

When I first received the invite to the event, I expected DVF to mainly talk about her career, and how she made her way through the world of fashion.

Boy was I wrong.  What I came away with was a new appreciation for this incredible woman, who is so much more than just a fashion designer. A champion of the arts, DVF is also an advocate for women's empowerment. She is also incredibly warm, and charming, and so so funny!!

Some of my favorite quotes from the nights:

Do not be afraid of your own strength. Fear is not an option.

I wanted to be the woman I became. I wanted to empower myself. And now I want to empower other women. You can be the woman you want to be. 

The most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself.

I think part of her appeal for me is her focus on independence. It reminds me of advice that my mother always gave me growing up: always be able to stand on your own two feet. I left the event feeling incredibly inspired- While I may not be about to conquer the world of fashion, I'm ready to take on my personal and professional challenges, hopefully with poise, grace, and of course, STYLE!!

And the winner is....

Wow, picking a winner turned out to be quite the task! Apparently, Clair is not in the mood to pick anything out today, so we had to use Otto. Now Otto has been trained not to take things that are not his, so I had to settle for using the name he nudged out of the platter, as you will see in the video below.

So, without further ado, the judging process:

Yes, that is relief you hear in my voice. I wasn't sure that it was going to work, but great job Otto, and congratulations to the winner!!! Thank you everyone for participating!!!

"Best of" Friday night

If you read the plum's blog then you know that I was one of the lucky winners of her "Best of Cleveland" giveaway. The party was Friday night at the Rock Hall, and it was such a ridiculously fun night!! A big congratulations to the plum for winning best blog (two years in a ROW!!) and thank you for hosting the contest.  Here's some pictures from Friday night:

Allison, me and lzone. I was asked to stand in the middle on account of my bright dress.

AJP, me, the plum, lzone, allison

If you like my bright one-shoulder dress, you can get it here. I haven't shopped there in a loooong time, but I was more than happy to find my dress there!!!

N somehow convinced the car dealer to let him sit in the spyder

Good times!!!!