Word of the Year

If you had asked me about a "word of the year" at this time last year, I would have rolled my eyes so so hard at you. I know this because this is exactly what I did about this time last year I scrolled through my Instagram feed and saw post after post about #wordoftheyear (over 25,000 at last count). How can you summarize a whole year worth of goals in ONE word? Not even a phrase? And what if I want disparate things from all the areas of my life? 

Pic:  Shibani Faehnle . Over 25,000 search results for #wordoftheyear on Instagram 

Pic: Shibani Faehnle. Over 25,000 search results for #wordoftheyear on Instagram 

Luckily a year is a long time, and I spent much of 2017 learning. I took classes for all sorts of things: a flower arranging class, a few jewelry making classes, a number of marketing classes, a photography class, a meditation class -- and as I learned different things, it was like the listening part of my brain opened up, and I became a little less judgmental of concepts that I termed "woo-woo". You know the types of things I'm talking about - the "put positively out in the world - you can manifest your destiny - you are your thoughts" type of thinking. I developed a healthy appreciation for "woo" - it feels good to think and imagine good things, and if its not hurting you, why wouldn't you do more of it.

All that said, I ended 2017 with no inkling that I had any interest in picking a word of the year, let alone having it come to me at the most unexpected time. I was about 5 pages into a new book - Your Best Year Ever - when it popped in my head --- PLAY!! I had spent so much of 2017 on serious stuff, that in 2018, its time to PLAY!

Some of the areas where I plan to PLAY more -

My day job: take on more projects that I find really interesting and fun. Not take myself quite so seriously at work, and let annoyances go (I usually get all ranty and drop the f-bomb, but I've realized that its not productive, and honestly, it doesn't even matter!) 

My passion projects of Bombay Taxi Boutique and She In the CLE : create fun events and collaborations with people I admire and appreciate and who are just plain fun. 

My relationships: Plan more fun dates with Nick - we've already planned a vacation, a concert, and a weekend getaway! I also want to spend more time with girlfriends this year, and plan a trip to visit some of my very dear friends from my first job after college.

My daily life: Plan more playtime into my daily life, whether that's trying out new recipes, spending time at the beach in the summer, spending time developing my photography hobby, trying new workouts just because they sound fun -- chores can get super boring, but I'm looking for ways to bring joy and playfulness to the mundane.

If feels weird to have a word of the year, but I think it might be a really good guiding principle as I decide on things that I want to do, or more importantly don't want to do. All I have to do is answer these questions - Is it fun? Can I bring a playful angle to it? Will it make me happy now or in the future? and if the answer is yes, then I'll do it! Here's to a playful, fun 2018! 

What about you? Do you have a word of the year? I'd love if you would share it will me on social media or in the comments below! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see how I'm incorporating PLAY into my life!