Books I Read in January

Inspired by Kate from Greatest Escapist, I joined Goodreads late last year (I know, so late to the party) and since then, I've recommitted to reading. I thought I would share the books I'm reading each month, along with my thoughts on them! Enjoy! 

The Year of Living Danishly: I'm fascinated by stories of people who just pick up their lives and move to a different country, probably because (a) I did that once, and (b) I'm tempted to do it again and move to Amsterdam. In The Year of Living Danishly, writer Helen Russel moves to Denmark from London, when her husband takes a highly coveted role at Lego. Helen and her husband end up living in a small town, so she doesn't have the amenities of Copenhagen, and its quite an adjustment from big city life in London to a more quiet, quaint experience in "Sticksville". The book is broken up into months, and reads like a really fun diary. I now want to visit Denmark and eat real Danish pastry. 

Rating: 4/5; I read the paperback version

The Last Black Unicorn : I decided I wanted to read this book when I saw author Tiffany Haddish on The Daily Show. She was so charming and funny that I immediately decided I needed to read her book. Tiffany had a really tough childhood, which she doesn't shy away from. So even though this is a book by a comedienne, its not a non-stop laugh out loud book. Sure there are some funny stories and she's a funny person, but you will not be laughing the whole time. This book is written like a collection of short stories from her life, and if I'm being honest, the stories toward the end of the book are not quite as well written as those in the first half. Perhaps its because she's tackling particularly difficult material (she married, divorced, re-married and re-divorced her ex-husband) but they just don't seem as well constructed as the other stories. Regardless, an interesting look into the life of someone who makes it in Hollywood!

Rating: 3.5/5, I listened to the audiobook on Audible, read by author Tiffany Haddish

Trevor Noah born a crime

Born a Crime: This had been on my list since it was published and I finally got around to it in January. I decided to go the audiobook route on this one because it was read by the author Trevor Noah, and I absolutely LOVE his brand of intelligent, thoughtful social commentary through comedy. Again, if you're expecting to laugh out loud the whole time, this is not the book for you. Rather this is the story of Trevor's life growing up in South Africa. Trevor was born during apartheid, to a strong woman who decided to be a single mother by choice. Trevor quickly discovered the trick to surviving in tough conditions - using language and blending in like a chameleon. There are some really really funny stories, but most of all, this book is a loving tribute to his mother. It is so well written that you will do yourself a grave disservice if you miss out on this book. The audiobook is even better. 

Rating: 5/5, I listened to this one on Audible read by author Trevor Noah

Modern LoversThis is a warm comforter of a book - cozy, comforting, not too dramatic - an enjoyable, entertaining read that moves pretty quickly. This is the story of 3 college friends who met at Oberlin (oh hey, Northeast Ohio reference) and move to Brooklyn, NY, and live just around the corner from each other. Their college band was a one-hit wonder, and now several years later, Hollywood wants do a biopic on the 4th band member, who died of a drug overdose. The story moves quickly, and I could honestly see this a short season TV show, similar to Friends from College

Rating: 4/5, I listened to this one using Libby via my public library!

What have you been reading that you've loved?

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