Star Wars

Re-living your childhood through other people's children

As you approach your 30s, you reach the stage where more and more of your friends are in committed relationships. Some of these friends may be married, and some may even have kids. N and I didn't used to have too many of these "friends with kids", until last year. Suddenly it seems like everyone we know is pregnant or has a new-born (Congratulations to the new parents!!!). I know that its that time in our lives, but it still surprises me every time, especially when its my friends from college (Hi Clawson!). I haven't seen a lot of my college friends in over 5 years, so its almost like time is frozen in my memory.

Anyway, as I've mentioned before, N & I recently became uncle and aunt for the first time. Our nephew (I will now refer to him as Little F) is only a few months old, but already I can't wait to spoil him. Today I bought him a rocking horse! How fricking awesome is that?!?!?!??!!
Rocking Horse $65 on

Too bad Little F can't use it for a few years, but it got me nostalgic about some of my toys from when I was a little girl. My faaaaaaaaaavorite toy was my Wendy House (play house, for those of you who didn't grow up speaking British English). It was red and blue, with plastic windows, and a white plastic door. I llllllluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd that thing.  So, when Little F is a little older, I think I'm going to have to get him one of these:

Pirate Pop-Up Tent, $47 at

Playhut Star Wars Contol Center $53 at

What was your favorite toy as a child?

For my Star Wars Loving Friends

One of things I love most about the Internet is the ability to find completely random stuff. N loves Star Wars. I don't think he loves it enough to go to a convention, but he would definitely get a Stormtrooper outfit(?) costume(?) (what's the appropriate word here?) if it existed in Cleveland Browns colors. Yes, he would wear it tailgating and then to the game.

On the other hand, I've fallen asleep to all the original Star Wars, all nine time I've tried to watch them. I actually distinctly remember waking up to "Luke, I am your faaathhooor" and going wait, what just happened?! Anyway, partly due to a tipoff from another website I've found N's next birthday gift.

I present to you, the Jedi Bathrobe. For the special Star Wars lover in your life.