The Summer Essential for Female Entrepreneurs

This post is sponsored by The Upspeak Collective

Earlier this year I was selected as an Upspeak Ambassador via Meg Witt’s Upspeak Collective, a coaching business designed to help female entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams. As part of my Ambassadorship I receive a photo shoot and a coaching call with Meg each month. I’ve been a fan of Meg’s photography for quite some time, so the thought of a monthly photo shoot was an absolute dream. Meg is so game to play along with my ideas (ballgowns on the beach? sure why not!) and she’s been a great sounding board for ideas around growing Bombay Taxi Boutique too. Overall, I’ve been very pleased with our partnership, and being accountable to someone other than myself has really helped keep me focused on my goals.

Shibani Faehnle photographed by Meg Witt of the Upspeak Collective.jpg

I’m always looking for new ways to tweak Bombay Taxi Boutique, both with the blog and the jewelry business, and sometimes getting away from routine is the best way to ignite creativity. I’ve attended several conferences and small business workshops over the years, and on June 1st this year, I’m attending Summer School with The Upspeak Collective.

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June is the new January

Summer School will host up to 100 female entrepreneurs for a day (June 1st) of group discussions and workshops all aligned around growing your business. I’m really looking forward to the whole day, and I’m particularly interested in the podcast session in the afternoon. I’m also excited to meet other female entrepreneurs as I’m looking to continue with fun collaborations, either for the blog or via Pop Up events and collaborative photo shoots for Bombay Taxi Boutique jewelry.

The Upspeak Collective Summer School Agenda.PNG

Summer School costs $99 to attend, but readers of this blog can take 20% off with the code BOMBAY at checkout (discount code expires May 24, 2019).

If you’re a woman in Northeast Ohio (or can make it here for the day) and own a small business (or have an idea for one) and want to spend the day in the company of the other women learning and getting to know each other, I hope you will join me at this event!

Incidentally if you’re struggling with tech tools for your business, Meg recently launched the How To Hub where she teaches you the basics of common business tools like Canva, Squarespace, Google Drive, Lightroom and more. If you’re interested in lifetime access (for current and future training topics), you can purchase the program for $99 until June 1st 2019 with the code TECHCAMP.

Find more details on the How To Hub here.

Cheers to Monday, and if you’re looking to start or grow your business or passion project, June is the new January. See you at Summer School!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary ticket to Summer School and a discount code for my blog readers in exchange for a blog post about the event. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting this blog and entrepreneurs like Meg who help women explore and pursue their passion projects.